Asus Xonar D1

Драйвера для звуковой карты Asus Xonar D1

Asus Xonar D1Версия драйвера: 3.25.893
Год выпуска драйвера: 2016
Размер файлов драйвера: 43.41 MB
Поддерживаются операционные системы: Windows 2000, Windows XP 32 bit, Windows XP 64 bit, Windows Vista 32 bit, Windows Vista 64 bit, Windows 7 32 bit, Windows 7 64 bit, Windows 8 32 bit, Windows 8 64 bit, Windows 8.1 32 bit, Windows 8.1 64 bit, Windows 10 32 bit, Windows 10 64 bit

Краткое описания звуковой карты Asus Xonar D1
Today in our review of the popular sound card Asus Xonar D1. From famous brand Asus. This sound card is different from its competitors, high sound quality and low price. But this and much more we will discuss in this review, the sound card Asus Xonar D1.
Review of sound card Asus Xonar D1
And so here we go, the classic design, made sound card Asus Xonar D1, of high quality PCB. On the rear it has ports to connect. The Board itself is small and very tidy in appearance. Korce speaking to design issues not everything is perfect.

Now consider its technology. Sound card Asus Xonar D1, has a sound chip AV100 High-Definition Sound Processor, released on the PCI interface. And is designed for installation in the system unit of the computer. It has a maximum range of Dolby-Home-Theater. These technologies were for its predecessors. For example, Dolby Digital Live, is to transcode audio in the format 5.1 Dolby-Digital. And, Dolby_Pro_Logic_IIx for recoding sound in the stereo format or, for example 5.1 in a more advanced format 7.1. There is also a Dolby-Headphone technology for more realistic surround sound and 5.1 when listening to sound through ordinary headphones. Still have Dolby Virtual Speaker is to create a realistic surround sound in 5.1 when using two speakers.

The number of channels in the sound card Asus Xonar_D1 corresponds to 7.1. When the bitness of the DAC at 24 bits with a maximum frequency of 192 kHz, sound card Asus Xonar D1 a good ratio of signal and noise, which is only 112 dB.

She also has the standard support Direct Sound 3D GX 2.0. So in games, on different operating systems, it ensures the correct operation of this sound card.

Now we can jump to conclusions. Sound card Asus Xonar_D1, turned out good. She has excellent technical data as for the sound card of the middle class. Plus the presence of many technologies, betrays her more popularity. And in the bargain low price. So that we can recommend, for those who still doubt to buy it or not.

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